Galasso Real Estate
Marconi street, 18B, Agnone (IS)


Who we are

We love our territory, we protect it with passion and we keep it by giving this a new future to the houses we sell.

The estate agency Galasso Immobiliare is based in Molise, in a village called Agnone "City of Art" of the Toring Club, it’s an ancient village a few kilometers from Abruzzo, thanks to the strategic position you can easily reach different locations on the sea and the mountains.

The agency was founded in 2010 through an experience gained initially in the tourist accommodation sector, particularly aiming at foreigners and thanks to the huge passion and knowledge of the local market have extended our services to the real estate sector. The professional service provided to our customers help us to build our reputation in Italy and abroad. Focusing on the Italian market, we are proud today to have a portfolio of customers local and overseas and this wouldn’t be possible without a knowledge of foreign languages and study of sales procedures abroad. Our mission is to help people to find the perfect place to live where food and culture is a memorable experience whilst living the Dolce Vita in our beautiful country.

We are your point of reference not only during the entire process of buying the property, but also afterwards offering you multiple tailored solutions including the renovation, maintenance and rental of the property.

Even if you now want to sell your property, our agency is very affordable. Among the benefits are a free evaluation in line with the local market, low commission to be recognized only in case of a sale and above all a unique promotion of the property to be sold through publication on the best websites in both Italian and foreign languages.