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Welcome to Molise and Abruzzo, a land where it's easy to be surprised

The passion for traditions and the charm of nature have always existed here, even if few people know it. So don't be too surprised!

In this land of Central Italy, the soul rediscovers its rhythms. The small stone villages hugging their rocks or resting on the mountain ridges welcome from above visitors who do not expect so much beauty, a millenary history and the richness of its cuisine still authentically peasant from such a little known territory. In Molise and Abruzzo it is easy to be surprised even when you meet beautiful stone farms, old farmhouses to renovate or typical houses simply to live, all surrounded by the warmth of the inhabitants of the area. And find out how easy it is to feel right at home.

In these two regions, the sea and the mountains merge to create a unique scenario. Between the highest peaks of the Apennines and the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, a land rich in attractions stretches out. Just to name a few, you can choose between the ski slopes of Roccaraso and Campitello Matese and the beaches of Pescara and Termoli, between the immense natural park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise and the reserves MAB (Man and the Biosphere) of Collemeluccio and Montedimezzo, as well as between the cities of art of Agnone and Sulmona, medieval churches, hermitages, castles and museums.

But how can we finally leave out the greatest resource of this land: its inhabitants. For many centuries, writers have described these people as "strong and kind". The hospitality here is infinite and for them it is natural to welcome strangers. It is difficult to find people like the inhabitants of Molise and Abruzzo: proud, friendly, spontaneous, heartfelt! The Molisians and the Abruzzi are people you can always count on, they are those who open the door and make you feel like the master in a house that is not yours.

We could continue to tell you many other things about this hidden corner of Italy, but our advice is to visit it in person, touch it with your hand and feel the senses. Only then can you experience the atmosphere that only these places can truly offer.

If you want to organize a short tour, we will be happy to guide you through the most enchanting places of these regions, offering you a free night at our Holiday Apartment Borgo San Pietro in Agnone in Molise.

This is a thought that we like to address to the customers of our real estate agency ... as WELCOME!

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Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park