Galasso Real Estate
Marconi street, 18B, Agnone (IS)


Why buy a house with us

5 Good reasons to buy a house with us at Galasso Immobiliare

1) Choice of property

The first step in the purchasing process is the choice of the property. This, perhaps, is also the most complicated step. We will listen to you, advise you and guide you in this important choice, making you visit only the properties that meet your needs.

2) Low prices

We have always lived in this area, we know the places, the inhabitants and also know the history of the properties we offer, in a nutshell we know our real estate market. This allows us to offer properties in at an often advantageous price. So don't be surprised if sometimes the prices of the houses will seem "too low", behind it there is a long selection and a long work of negotiation that we do with the owner ... for you!

3) Knowledge of languages

We speak English, French and Spanish, as well as Italian of course... so be assured in some way "We'll understand each other"! We believe that understanding the language is a fundamental aspect so that the foreign client can understand exactly all the necessary information, without the fear of incurring any surprise.

4) Confidence

The fundamental thing to buy a house is to trust those who help you buy it. We base our relationship on this value that we believe is the most important. Of course it is not easy to earn it, but we will put in place all the competence, seriousness and professionalism that until now our customers have recognized us, to earn yours too.

5) Continuity

We will be with you from the beginning, we will follow you step by step in the search for your property, during the purchase phase and also afterwards, ie to help you manage your property. So we'll be with you even when you're not here, taking the best care of your house.

A customer of Galasso Immobiliare will be forever: preparation, availability, courtesy ... always!