Galasso Real Estate
Marconi street, 18B, Agnone (IS)


Services and Facilities

What do we offer? Personalised advice before, during and after the purchase because buying a house does not only mean choosing the right property but above all maintaining it.

The agency Galasso Immobiliare will be at your side from the first contact, through the entire process of purchase, up to the restructuring and management of your property. So we'll be with you from the very beginning, doing everything we can to make everything clear, pleasant and relaxing. What's that? Through 3 steps:

  1. Property search

It often happens that at the beginning the buyer is a bit confused about the type of property to be purchased and about the area in which to search for it. We will listen carefully to your needs and expectations, we will try to discover your desires, then we will prepare with you a personalised itinerary, to view the properties that best meet your needs.

In detail:

Search for           and present properties that best meet your requirements and needs;

Support               in planning your possible stay for the on-site visit;

Visit to  assist the properties, with presentation of both strengths and weaknesses;

  • Estimation of the purchase costs and possible renovation of the building, thanks to the collaboration of local professionals (engineers, architects and construction companies).


  1. Purchase of the property

First we will explain in detail how to buy or sell a property in Italy, so that you can be quiet and have no surprises. We will then follow you through the entire buying and selling process, from the initial offer to the signing of the purchase contract.

In detail:

  • Illustration of the buying and selling process;
  • Submission of the Purchase Offer;
  • Handling of files and creation of documents necessary for the purchase (retrieval of cadastral surveys and plans; tax code, opening of bank account);
  • Verification of the situation of the property;
  • Legal, fiscal and technical assistance in view of the Purchase Deed.


  1. Renovation and management of the building

If you decide to renovate your property, we can put you in touch with the best local professionals in the field, so that you can choose who to entrust the work on the basis of the projects drawn up and the estimates received. This will allow you to know exactly, from the beginning, the total cost of renovating your property. If you wish, we can supervise the work, monitoring the progress and informing you by sending periodic reports and videos. We can also take care of your home with regular checks and cleaning, maintenance and medium/long-term rentals. In conclusion we will be with you even when you are not here taking the utmost care of your property.

In detail:

Connection of   utilities and volcanoes;

                Turnkey building renovation;

Property maintenance and periodic checks;

                Holiday rentals ;

Ratings and appraisals.


All the services of the first 2 steps, except the advice of external professionals, are completely free. The only cost is represented by the commission to the real estate agency that will be recognised only in case of purchase or sale of the property.